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About the Artist

Barbara is well versed in many mediums.  The most popular with her clients are: watercolor and crystal design.

Barbara has been producing her work for over fifty years.  Her work hangs throughout this country, Ireland, England, and other places around the world.  She is a graduate of Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas.  Her work reflects many places she has traveled around the globe.  Having a piece of her art in your home brightens the room and is lovely to behold.  From her brightly colored flowers to the snow scenes she dearly loves.  In her travels through Ireland, thirty-five paintings were created.  Everyone was sold upon her arrival home.  She painted along the "Strand" and the water and shore scenes were sparkling.

The jewelry designs Barbara creates will wear well with many outfits.  Especially the Szwaroski Bracelets which may be for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, hollidays, etc.  E-mail her at

www.sprintmail.com with your order or go to the order form page and use PayPal.  To see a

sample of the bracelet just click on the "Szwaroski Bracelet" button to the left of this column.  Give us the birth month you desire to be created especially for you or as a gift as we have all colors of Szwaroski Crystals to match your choice.

The sample photo is made with Szwaroski Fire Opal beads.

The Artist
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